You’ve got the home! Now let’s make sure you and your home are protected. 

Home Insurance 

Also known as buildings and contents. Home insurance is designed to cover your building or the contents within the property in the event of being damaged to make sure it's covered. 

Buildings Insurance 

Buildings insurance covers the damage in the event of structural damage to your property, whether that be to the roof, the walls, floors, ceilings and that the cost is to rebuild or carry out repairs needed to the property. This cover needs to start when you are responsible for the property, this will be as soon as you have exchanged contracts. 

Contents Insurance 

Contents insurance covers the possessions in the property. For example furniture, carpets, clothes, TV. If you turned your property upside down, anything that moves is a content. 

Protecting You 

Protecting you and your family is one of the best ways of protecting what you have got now and provide you with peace of mind that if something did happen to you, that you are protected. We will advise you on your shortfalls so that you know all of your options and the best way to protect you. The earlier you start to protect yourself, the cheaper the policies are. This is because you are younger, fitter and healthier. 

Life Insurance 

Life insurance pays out either a cash lump sum or continuous payments should you die during the term of the policy. The cash lump sum could be used to clear your mortgage or you could set the policy up so that you provide an income for your family and dependents. 

Critical Illness Cover 

Critical illness cover pays a cash lump sum to the policy holder if during the term of the policy is diagnosed with a critical illness that is covered under the policy, such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke and many more. The lump sum could be used to clear the mortgage, pay for medical assistance, maintain your life style or even allow you to take a career break whilst you look after you. 

Income Protection 

Income protection provides an income to the policyholder if they are deemed unable to work due to an accident or sickness. Giving you that peace of mind that you are still receiving an income whilst you look after you whilst on the mend and know that your bills are covered. 
As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply. 
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